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“A nuanced, tender look at the life of trans man Freddy McConnell and his struggle to conceive and deliver his own child … Director Jeanie Finlay extends sincere empathy towards someone who won’t let gender get in the way of heeding the basic human impulse to create and nurture new life.” – The Guardian

Seahorses are almost alone in the animal kingdom for giving the male of the species sole responsibility for carrying and birthing their offspring. For journalist Freddy McConnell, a trans man desperate to have a child, they offered a model for how he might bring his own dream to fruition. But being a pregnant man is even more complicated than it sounds, and Freddy’s decision will challenge himself, his family and his entire community.

In Seahorse, rising director Jeanie Finlay follows Freddy all the way from his first plans to conceive through to the eventual birth and raising of his infant son. Boasting an incredible degree of access to Freddy and his family, Seahorse is a powerful document of one man’s fight for this most fundamental of rights and a lyrical rumination on the trappings of gender and biology – and how little they tell us about what it really means to be human.

“A moving portrait ... Seahorse is delicate in its approach but mightily powerful in what it portrays about the human experience.” – Movable Feast