Audience Award Winners

During the festival, MIFF audiences vote for their favourite narrative and documentary feature films to win the MIFF Audience Awards. 

Below are all the winners below going back to 2009.

MIFF 2022 Top 10 Feature Films

1 Greenhouse by Joost
2 We Were Once Kids
3 Volcano Man
4 When Pomegranates Howl
5 The Lost City of Melbourne
6 Marcel the Shell with Shoes On
7 Nothing Compares
8 Sweet As
9 Franklin
10 Of an Age

MIFF 2019 Top 10 Narrative Feature Films

1 Portrait of a Lady on Fire
2 H is for Happiness
3 Vai
4 Bellbird
5 Buoyancy
6 Kairos
7 And Then We Danced
8 La Flor
8 Adam
8 Hearts and Bones

MIFF 2019 Top 10 Feature Documentaries

1 The Australian Dream
2 Merata: How Mum Decolonised the Screen
3 For My Father's Kingdom 
4 No Time for Quiet
4 For Sama
6 Martha: A Picture Story
7 Collingwood: From the Inside Out
8 In My Blood It Runs
9 Seahorse
10 5B

MIFF 2018 Top 10 Narrative Feature Films

1 Capharnaüm
2 An Elephant Sitting Still
3 Shoplifters
The Merger  (BUY ON iTUNES)
5 Woman at War
6 The Guilty
7 Girl
Wajib – The Wedding Invitation
9 The Rider   (BUY ON iTUNES)
The Tale

MIFF 2018 Top 10 Feature Documentaries

1 Backtrack Boys
2 I Used to be Normal: A Boyband Fangirl Story
3 The Coming Back Out Ball Movie
4 The Dawn Wall   (BUY ON iTUNES)
5 Undermined: Tales from The Kimberley
6 United Skates
7 Happy Sad Man
8 Pick of the Litter
9 MATANGI / Maya / M.I.A.
10 Working Class Boy   (BUY ON iTUNES)

MIFF 2016 Top 10 Feature Films

1. My Life as a Courgette
2. The Handmaiden  (BUY ON iTUNES)
3. EMO the Musical   (BUY ON iTUNES)
4. Mahana   (BUY ON iTUNES)
5. The Salesman
6. A War  (BUY ON iTUNES)
7. Toni Erdmann  (BUY ON iTUNES)
8. Train to Busan  (BUY ON iTUNES)
9. Happy Hour (BUY ON iTUNES: PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 3)
10. Captain Fantastic  (BUY ON iTUNES)

MIFF 2016 Top 10 Documentaries

1. Zach's Ceremony  (BUY ON iTUNES)
2. The Eagle Huntress  (BUY ON iTUNES)
3. The Baulkham Hills African Ladies Troupe
4. Servant or Slave  (BUY ON iTUNES)
5. The Music of Strangers  (BUY ON iTUNES)
6. Tickled  (BUY ON iTUNES)
7. Sonita
8. Reset
9. Life, Animated  (BUY ON iTUNES)
10. Destination Arnold  (BUY ON iTUNES)

MIFF 2014 Top 10 Feature Films

1 Boyhood  (BUY ON iTUNES)
2 Obvious Child   (BUY ON iTUNES)
3 Housebound   (BUY ON iTUNES)
4 Mommy   (BUY ON iTUNES)
5 What We Do in the Shadows  (BUY ON iTUNES)
6 Fantail  BUY ON iTUNES
7 Starred Up  (BUY ON iTUNES)
8 In Order of Disappearance  (BUY ON iTUNES)
9 Sorcerer
10 The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

MIFF 2014 Top 10 Documentaries

1 Jalanan   (BUY ON iTUNES)
2 Keep on Keepin' On   (BUY ON iTUNES)
3 Virunga
4 The Salt of the Earth   (BUY ON iTUNES)
5 German Concentration Camps Factual Survey
6 The Case Against 8   (BUY ON iTUNES)
7 Dior and I   (BUY ON iTUNES)
8 Don't Throw Stones
9 My Name is Salt
10 I am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story   (BUY ON iTUNES)

MIFF 2012 Top 10 Feature Films

1 The Intouchables  (BUY ON iTUNES)
2 The Hunt  (BUY ON iTUNES)
3 Monsieur Lazhar  (BUY ON iTUNES)
4 Amour  (BUY ON iTUNES)
5 Broken  (BUY ON iTUNES)
6 The Sessions  (BUY ON iTUNES)
7 Moonrise Kingdom  (BUY ON iTUNES)
8 Facing Mirrors 
9 Wild Bill
10 The Angels' Share  (BUY ON iTUNES)

MIFF 2012 Top 10 Documentaries

1 Searching for Sugar Man  (BUY ON iTUNES)
2 Undefeated  (BUY ON iTUNES)
3 Marina Abramović: The Artist is Present  (BUY ON iTUNES)
4 This Ain't California 
5 Lasseter's Bones  (BUY ON iTUNES)
6 Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry  (BUY ON iTUNES)
7 The Imposter  (BUY ON iTUNES)
8 Call Me Kuchu
9 Chasing Ice  (BUY ON iTUNES)
10 How to Survive a Plague

MIFF 2010 Top 10 Feature Films

1 Boy   (BUY ON iTUNES)
2 Desert Flower   (BUY ON iTUNES)
3 Certified Copy   (BUY ON iTUNES)
4 Four Lions  (BUY ON iTUNES)
5 Summer Wars 
6 The Wedding Party  (BUY ON iTUNES)
7 I Love You Phillip Morris   (BUY ON iTUNES)
8 Women Without Men
9 The Ballad of Des and Mo (MIFF 72-hour film)
10 Summer Coda   (BUY ON iTUNES)

MIFF 2010 Top 10 Documentaries

1 Bill Cunningham New York  (BUY ON iTUNES)
2 The Invention of Dr. Nakamats 
3 Cities on Speed: Bogotá Change + Cairo Garbage  
4 Mother of Rock: The Life and Times of Lillian Roxon  (BUY ON iTUNES)
5 La Danse: The Paris Opera Ballet  (BUY ON iTUNES)
6 Cooking History
7 Strange Powers: Stephin Merritt and the Magnetic Fields  
8 Teenage Paparazzo   (BUY ON iTUNES)
9 Woman with the 5 Elephants 
10 Black Bus

MIFF 2017 Top 10 Feature Films

1. Call Me by Your Name   (BUY ON iTUNES)
2. Ali's Wedding   (BUY ON iTUNES)
3. The Party   (BUY ON iTUNES)
4. Top of the Lake: China Girl
5. Brigsby Bear   (BUY ON iTUNES)
6. Ethel & Ernest  (BUY ON iTUNES)
7. A Fantastic Woman   (BUY ON iTUNES)
8. Loving Vincent   (BUY ON iTUNES)
9. That's Not Me   (BUY ON iTUNES)
10. Lucky   (BUY ON iTUNES)

MIFF 2017 Top 10 Documentaries

1. All for One   (BUY ON iTUNES)
2. Unrest   (BUY ON iTUNES)
3. The Song Keepers   (BUY ON iTUNES)
4. I am Not Your Negro   (BUY ON iTUNES)
5. Faces Places   (BUY ON iTUNES)
6. City of Ghosts   (BUY ON iTUNES)
7. Roller Dreams
9. Pecking Order   (BUY ON iTUNES)
10. Mountain   (BUY ON iTUNES)

MIFF 2015 Top 10 Feature Films

1 Song of the Sea  (BUY ON iTUNES)
2 Holding the Man ( BUY ON iTUNES)
3 In the Crosswind
5 Me and Earl and the Dying Girl  (BUY ON iTUNES)
6 A Perfect Day  (BUY ON iTUNES)
7 Mustang  (BUY ON iTUNES)
8 Victoria  (BUY ON iTUNES)
9 Pawno  (BUY ON iTUNES)
10 Tehran Taxi  (BUY ON iTUNES)

MIFF 2015 Top 10 Documentaries

1 Graceful Girls  (BUY ON iTUNES)
2 The Look of Silence
3 Putuparri and the Rainmakers  (BUY ON iTUNES)
4 Palio  (BUY ON iTUNES)
5 Sherpa  (BUY ON iTUNES)
6 My Love, Don't Cross That River
7 The Ground We Won
8 Racing Extinction
9 She's Beautiful When She's Angry  (BUY ON iTUNES)
10 Toto and His Sisters

MIFF 2013 Top 10 Feature Films

1 The Rocket  (BUY ON iTUNES)
2 The Past  (BUY ON iTUNES)
3 The Broken Circle Breakdown  (BUY ON iTUNES)
4 Wadjda  (BUY ON iTUNES)
5 Approved for Adoption 
6 The Patience Stone
7 Blancanieves  (BUY ON iTUNES)
8 A Hijacking  (BUY ON iTUNES)
9 Touch of the Light
10 Omar  (BUY ON iTUNES)

MIFF 2013 Top 10 Documentaries

1 The Crash Reel   (BUY ON iTUNES)
2 Valentine Road 
3 Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia   (BUY ON iTUNES)
4 In Bob We Trust   (BUY ON iTUNES)
5 Cosmic Psychos: Blokes You Can Trust   (BUY ON iTUNES)
6 Lygon St – Si Parla Italiano
7 The Punk Singer   (BUY ON iTUNES)
8 The Sunnyboy   (BUY ON iTUNES)
9 Pussy Riot – A Punk Prayer   (BUY ON iTUNES)
10 Village at the End of the World   (BUY ON iTUNES)

MIFF 2011 Top 10 Feature Films

1 A Separation  (BUY ON iTUNES)
2 Face to Face
3 Our Idiot Brother  (BUY ON iTUNES)
4 Red Dog  (BUY ON iTUNES)
5 Troll Hunter  (BUY ON iTUNES)
6 Beginners  (BUY ON iTUNES)
7 Melancholia  (BUY ON iTUNES)
8 Le Havre  (BUY ON iTUNES)
9 The Slap  (BUY ON iTUNES)
10 Submarine  (BUY ON iTUNES)

MIFF 2011 Top 10 Documentaries

1 Senna  (BUY ON iTUNES)
2 Autoluminescent: Rowland S. Howard  (BUY ON iTUNES)
3 I Am Eleven  (BUY ON iTUNES)
4 Life in Movement  
5 Fire in Babylon  (BUY ON iTUNES)
6 Page One: Inside the New York Times  (BUY ON iTUNES)
7 Life in a Day  
8 Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest  (BUY ON iTUNES)
9 Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold  (BUY ON iTUNES)
10 The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975  (BUY ON iTUNES)

MIFF 2009 Top 10 Feature Films

1 Bran Nue Dae   (BUY ON iTUNES)
2 Balibo   (BUY ON iTUNES)
3 Moon   (BUY ON iTUNES)
4 Che Part 1 - The Argentine   (BUY ON iTUNES)
5 No One Knows About Persian Cats  
6 Blind Company   (BUY ON iTUNES)
7 Mother   (BUY ON iTUNES)
Dogs in Space  (BUY ON iTUNES)
9 Unmade Beds  (BUY ON iTUNES)
10 Anna

MIFF 2009 Top 10 Documentaries

1 The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls
2 Intangible Asset Number 82
3 The Beaches of Agnes
4 We’re Livin’ On Dog Food  (BUY ON iTUNES)
5 10 Conditions of Love
6 The Whispering of the Trees
7 Deathbowl to Downtown   
8 The September Issue  (BUY ON iTUNES)
9 I Need That Record   
10 It Might Get Loud  (BUY ON iTUNES)