True Crime

A rising alt-right filmmaker and his family are found slaughtered, surrounded by Islamic totems. A conspiracy or something even more horrific? ... FEMA death squads, children implanted with RFID chips, a government crushing its citizenry. It's a haunting vision of the near future held by charismatic Iraq veteran David Crowley. In 2012, he posted a slick movie trailer for his planned opus, Gray Sta... Read more
A Few Good Men meets the GFC in Steve James' thrilling, up-close-and-personal account of the only bank that ever got prosecuted for this century's biggest economic meltdown. ... In the wake of the GFC, the US Government only laid charges against a single bank: Abacus Federal Savings Bank in Manhattan's vibrant Chinatown district. A tiny, family-owned Chinese-American banking group with deep roots ... Read more
A tense and tragic, minute-by-minute account of mistaken identity and mob justice produced by the teams behind The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty. ... On 18 October 2015, an armed terrorist entered the Beersheba bus terminal in Southern Israel. Within minutes, a soldier named Omri Levy was dead, and a second tragedy was about to unfold, as an angry mob turned their attention to the figure they b... Read more
In 2012, the capture of the internet's most wanted criminal launched a court case that divided the world. ... Kim Dotcom was the figure behind MegaUpload, once one of the internet's biggest piracy sites. He lived lavishly, with a gigantic gaudy mansion plastered with his personal logo. But this lifestyle ended when authorities with automatic weapons descended on his house in an elaborate raid, arr... Read more
'A new investigation of a trans icon's 1992 death shines a light on a historically persecuted community in David France's superb documentary … illuminates the persistent discrimination that exists today, and the bonds of community designed to counter it.' – Variety ... Marsha P Johnson was the heart and soul of the Greenwich Village LGBT scene. A bubbly and gregarious trans woman who dedicated her... Read more
'Something special … one of the most harrowing portrayals of the self-destructive and tentative self-restoration of a southern American family this side of a William Faulkner novel.' – The Young Folks ... It's hard to overstate the emotional chaos at the heart of Charity Lee's life. A working-class woman afflicted by bad family and worse men, in 2007 her eldest son, a prodigiously intelligent 13-y... Read more
A revealing, up-close-and-personal look at the day-to-day operations of the Oakland Police Department as it grapples with endemic corruption, sexism and racial violence. Winner of the documentary prize for Best Director at Sundance. ... New Oakland Police Chief Sean Whent is a good cop in a bad system, doing his best to eliminate the graft, prejudice and abuse of power that's crippling his departm... Read more
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