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... ... From Errol Morris, the director of the daz­zling The Thin Blue Line, comes this won­drous and wonder-filled joumey into the life and work of Professor Stephen Hawking, the world-famous physicist and popular author. ... ... ... Like in the earlier film, Morris rejects the traditional orthodoxies of documentary film­making for an approach that is highly stylized, mediated and interpretative.... Read more
Any deep-sea fisherman will tell you he'd rather fall overboard into a shark feeding frenzy than a school of squid. Like Pirhana, these tentacled killers can strip a person to the bone in moments. Clyde Roper, on the other hand, claims he wouldn't mind being crushed by a giant squid if it allowed him fifteen seconds to study the monster up close Morris unravels myth from reality in the examination... Read more
Errol Morris' amazing, eccentric documentary is yet another satisfying chapter in the filmography of a self-confessed obsessive/compulsive who is never happier than when he is recording the lives of those even stranger than himself. ... Festival audiences will be familiar with the extraordinary The Thin Blue Line (1988), Morris' investigation into the shooting of a Texas policeman that had a signi... Read more
Gretchen Worden oversees one of the strangest and creepiest collections in existence. As director of The Mutter Museum, she presides over preserved, mummified and mounted remains of human oddities. Glass jars line her walls, each containing a freak of nature, a grossly deformed corpse or body parts. Both the collection and Worden's grave­side manner are chilling but compelling. Errol Morris giggle... Read more
Josh Harris: Internet Entrepreneur, Television Addict ... Josh Harris' first memory is that coverage of the Kennedy assassination meant he missed his afternoon cartoons! He claims the cast of Gilligan's Island were more of a family than his own parents. Harris is a multi-millionaire and an out-of-control TV addict. His problems got worse in 1994 when he installed 32 cameras in his luxurious NY pen... Read more
Where is Dona Kent's head? Her son Saul isnt saying, because he's the one who hid it! A pioneering cryologist, Saul Kent firmly believes that freezing the newly dead or parts of them, can ensure immortality When his mother passed on, Kent had her head off and dipped in liquid nitrogen within hours. He believed doctors in the future could revive her and grow or clone a healthy new body. The police ... Read more
Gary Greenberg was a Unabomber groupie. He was in constant contact by phone and mail with Ted Kaczynski. one of the FBI's Most Wanted, before his arrest on multiple explosives and firearms charges. Greenberg approached this extremely paranoid individual, gamed his trust and offered to write a biography. But, as there is a competition amongst the groupies of any celebrity, Greenberg had entered a d... Read more
Denny Fitch experienced both the worst and best luck in his life in a same hour. A veteran pilot, seated as a DC-10 passenger flying home from work, Fitch was called upon to assist the crew of the ill-fated United flight 232. The plane experienced technical problems so extreme that the chances of the circumstances occurring were rated one in a billion, and hence never prepared for. The control tow... Read more
The best spy is invisible. Antonio Mendez didn't achieve invisibility (and a formidable reputation as a super spook) using James Bond technology, but by being a master of disguise Mendez was point man on countless perilous missions to Moscow, Hong Kong, Laos and Iran at the height of the Cold War. He survived by being able to blend into any environment in hours. Morris dredged up recollections of ... Read more
Credit Card maxxed out? Can't keep up the mortgage? Collection agents knocking at your door? Call Andrew Capoccia and within a couple of months the bank could owe you money! A white knight for the debt-ridden. Capoccia's quest is to uncover every loophole available and mount a topsy-turvy court defense to find financial institutions guilty of being stupid enough to lend you money. Hilarity and rev... Read more
Michael Stone has devoted his life to studying the very worst mass murders, despots and dictators. He has made a science of psychopathic behaviour, even devising a 22-point scale for measuring evil. His special subject is serial killers but he is known to dabble in cannibals, sadists and extreme perversions. He has a soft spot for classic killers like Caligula, correlates the rise of serial murder... Read more
"I sleep very well at night, knowing that those persons that are executed with my equipment have a better chance of a painless, more humane and dignified execution."—Fred A. Leuchter Jr ... Errol Morris has an unerring eye for tracking down oddballs, people whose peculiar interests illuminate areas of the human condition, some would say, better left in the dark. Others find in his documentaries th... Read more
What do you do when things don't go your way? Give up? Move on? Not if you're Rick Rosner. Obsessed with 'getting it right', Rick went back to high school four separate times, he kept going back until he was 34 years old using a combination of fraudulent IDs, wigs and makeup. Now a nude model and cosmologist, Rick has taken that same committment to the television program, Who Wants To Be a Million... Read more
Sex, crime, religion and flavoured lube - the interview subject of Errol Morris's new documentary possess a personality as outrageous as the story she tells. ... Joyce McKinney was just an ordinary, everyday former beauty-queen-turned-bondage-call-girl. That is, until she kidnapped, bound and molested a Mormon gentleman. ... Tabloid finds Errol Morris returning to the style of his First Person (MI... Read more
Sondra London's childhood fantasy came true. She had always imagined a bogeyman on a black stailion sweeping her up and riding off into the night. She dated Gerald Schaefer as a teenager but dumped him when he began to refate his own fantasy: to brutally murder women. London rekindled their romance twenty years later when Schaefer was on death row for slaughtering numerous victims personally claim... Read more
When Murry Richman loses a client it's usually to an ice-pick or a shotgun. As a young defender he gravitated to exclusive bars and casinos in search of big money clients. He found himself specialising in representing the goons and enforcers of the New York Mafia. Richman has convinced juries that a man, stabbed by his client seven times, kept accidentally falling on the knife. Another jury believ... Read more
Max the parrot was possibly the only witness to the murder of Jane Gill. When his owner was found suffocated in her Californian mansion, Max was passed on to an agency caring for distressed and abandoned pets. When the African Grey began to screech "Richard no, no, no" over and over again, the police thought they had a new clue. Unfortunately US law doesn't admit the verbal evidence of birds but a... Read more
Before the Guinness Book of Records scrapped the category of World's Highest IQ, Christopher Langan held the title. Langan spends his days contemplating models of the universe, abstract physics, plans for breeding a race of super intelligent humans... and brawling with Montana cowboys! A former fireman with a bad back and a trick knee, Langan has survived a brutal childhood and brushes with the la... Read more
Bill Kinsley was on the fast track with the US postal service until the day Thomas Mcllvane walked into his office with a gun. Kinsley had seen the warning signs and reprimanded Mcllvane on numerous occasions for everything from sleeping on the job to punching people on his delivery route! In a government bureaucracy one more shody worker wasn't noticed. Mcllvane was the first of the American wave... Read more
... ... The Thin Blue Line is both the recreation of the brutal murder of a Dallas policeman in 1976, and a passionate argument for the case of a man wrongly accused of the murder. While making an uncompleted film on notorious psychiatrist Dr James Grigson, director Errol Morris stumbled onto the bizarre case of Randall Dale Adams, who had been sentenced to death for the brutal slaying of Dallas p... Read more
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