Films By Khavn De La Cruz

A neon-lit dystopia bursting with child gangsters, surreal violence, karaoke and goat-cam: welcome to the wildest cinematic ride of the year, courtesy of renegade iconoclast Khavn De La Cruz. ... It's 2025, and a hellraising gang of smoking, gun-toting orphans known as the Kostkas – some as young as infants – unleash a crime spree of terror upon Mondomanila, the futuristic megacity of slums. After... Read more
"The bewildering visuals and punk-opera soundtrack expertly convey a world that extends far beyond dialogue." – Indiewire ... Of all of the world's underground filmmakers, there are few as singular or bombastic as Filipino cine-punk Khavn de la Cruz; his films kaleidoscopes of violence, sharp cuts and no-budget aesthetic. Ruined Heart: Another Lovestory Between a Criminal and a Whore is his most a... Read more
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