A boy, bare feet and an axe. Australian premiere, Accelerator 08---D/P/S Jason Stutter WS New Zealand Film Commission TD 35mm/2007/2mins ... Read more
Cargo is a realistic and powerful film that portrays a young boy's descent into the world of child trafficking. Believing he is about to cross a border to a new life, the young runaway instead discovers he is to be sold as a human slave. Through a remarkable moment of pity, he is spared - but the reprieve comes at a huge personal cost. ---D/S/P Leo Woodhead P Vanessa AlexanderTD 35mm/2008/12 mins ... Read more
A man details his most intimate and life changing moment in a moving monologue. --- D Amiel Courtin-Wilson P Sally Hussy TD DigiBeta/2008/9mins ... Read more
Rough charcoal lines snake across a paper background in synchronization with oscillating, pitch-shifting human voices in this piece of contemporary visual music. --- D/P Christina Michelle Tester TD DigiBeta/2008/3mins ... Read more
A vivid portrait, animating the passionate work of Tehran street artist Jamshid Aminfar. --- D/P Rokhsareh Ghaemmaghami L Farsi w/English subtitles TD vid/col/2007/35min ... Read more
Dennis's mother is hurt when he invites a local girl out on a date. Despite pressure to cancel, Dennis ventures into a night that he will never forget. Screened at Sundance 08 --- D/S Mads Matthiesen S Martin Zandvliet P Jonas Bagger TD 35mm/2007/18mins ... Read more
A desperate man finds inspiration in a broken shopping trolley. World premiere, AcceleratED ... ... D/S Kasimir Burgess P Chris Kamen TD digibeta/2008/14mins ... Read more
Part seven in John Smith's deceptively simple Hotel Diaries series, this time set in Israel.---D/P John Smith WS Video Data Bank TD vid/col/2007/14mins ... Read more
On his way home, a young man teeters between an absorbing state of delusion and an unremarkable normality. World premiere.---D/S Callum Cooper P Anna Kaplan TD 35mm/2008/9mins ... Read more
From a Scottish prison to the streets of São Paulo to the mountains in Ecuador; these short documentaries deliver privileged insights into the lives of others. ... Read more
These documentary films may be short on running time, but they still tackle the big issues. ... Read more
Sacris Pulso (20 mins) La posa infinita (2 mins) Observando el cielo (17 mins) Magnetic Movie (5 mins) V1 Tourbillous (11 mins) Offshore (20 mins) Come Together (3 mins) Time Ball (4 mins) Vertigo Rush (19 mins) Past Perfect - Present Continuous (4 mins) Nook and Cranny (3 mins) Light is Waiting (11 mins) --- 119 mins running time ... Read more
A collection of abstract and avante-garde films that experiment with film in form, content and style. ... Read more
A mind-bending, lyrical and surreal program of experimental shorts. ... Read more
A experimental program of abstract journeys through time, space and the everyday. ... Read more
Tod Tasker wakes from a drunken binge and realizes he has missed his daughter's birthday. A humorous celebration of dysfunctional parenting, and the love that it sometimes belies. World premiere. --- D/S Hugh Sullivan P Jessica Redenbach TD digibeta/2008/8mins ... Read more
Free love, friendship, family and fondue. World premiere ---D/S Erin White P Zyra McAuliffe TD digibeta/2008/18mins ... Read more
Jack wakes up one day to find himself plagued by a funk, a mysterious force that sucks the life right out of him. (Not in comp). --- D/S Cris Jones P Melanie Coombs TD Animation DigiBeta/2008/7mins ... Read more
Kaden's encounters with friends and enemies propel him on a journey of self-discovery. An affecting meditation on the power of trust from MIFF shorts winner Rene Hernandez. World premiere. ... D/S Rene Hernandez P Kristina Ceyton TD digibeta/2008/20mins ... Read more
Local actor Syd Brisbane stars in this atmospheric portrait of a travelling salesman. Feneley's short Snow screened at MIFF 06 and was part of Cinefondation Cannes in the same year. World premiere --- D/S/P Dustin Feneley TD digibeta/2008/13mins ... Read more
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