Films By Bob Byington

"Byington's script is disarmingly honest, and Schwartzman's charm and comic delivery are as sharp as ever." – Austin American-Statesman ... Larry is a perpetual man-child, unable to hold down a job due to his poor behaviour. Fired from a restaurant, he applies for work at a car-servicing shop purely because he has a crush on the manager, Lupe. Waiting to inherit his grandmother's fortune, Larry is... Read more
Kieran Culkin, Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally and Kevin Corrigan star in cult director Bob Byington's comedic broadside on the absurdities of millennial manhood. ... Ben (Kieran Culkin) is having a hard time settling down. Bouncing from relationship to relationship, he bores easily, leading prospective partners on until a run-in with his domineering mother (Megan Mullally) sends them packing. Meanw... Read more
"A bittersweet comedy about love and marriage, random fate and eternal youth ... highly original and delightfully unorthodox." – Hollywood Reporter ... Across a span of 35 years, Max Youngman and his only friend Sal (Nick Offerman) pass through romances, businesses, rivalries and loss, as their lives are pulled together and apart by their love of the absent-minded Lyla. But it seems that Max doesn... Read more
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